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How to display Funko Pops (6 creative ideas)

Funko Pops are fun and affordable collectibles. There are a variety of Funko Pop characters available that can lead to some pretty interesting themes. But if you really want to take your Funko Pop collection to that next level, then you need to know how to display Funko Pops in a clever and interesting way.

To help get those creative juices flowing, we’ve laid out 6 of our favorite ways to display Funko Pops.

Funko Pops and Quotes

This concept is genius. Place your Funko Pops on a simple white shelf and attach your FP’s most famous quote behind it.

Individual Funko Pop Stands

This Funko Pop display idea can take a little time to get right, but it’ll pay off and look amazing. Using individual stands is a great way to break up the traditional look of a single white floating shelf.

Repurpose Funko Pops Boxes

If you’re not in the mood to spend more money, then just reuse the boxes! It’s an affordable and easy way to display Funko Pops.

Funko Pops & Books

If you want to take this idea to the next level, color-code your Funko Pops and books. Yellows with yellows, pinks with pinks, blacks with blacks, etc. etc.

Grounded Funko Pops

If you have enough of them and they’re still in their boxes, why even bother with a shelf? Funko Pops look great inside and outside out of their boxes. Stack them on top of each other for a unique display.

Themed Shelf

If you’re willing to spend the money and take the time to find the shelf, there’s always the option to hunt down a themed shelf for your Funko Pops. These may not always be designed to hold Funko Pops, so you’ll likley have to do some jimmy-rigging to make it work. You might be able to find a themed shelf on Etsy or DIY instructions on how to make one yourself. (For an added touch, install a colored light to the back of the shelf.)

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